Sarah Cooney - Ireland's First Ever Bridal Coach

What is Bridal Coaching?

Bridal Coaching is a personalised service that can be used by anybody that is getting married and that would like that extra bit of support or advice from a wedding professional during the wedding planning process and beyond!




You may be having difficulty deciding on important parts like – where will the wedding take place – at home or abroad, church or alternative ceremony.




You may not be getting as much support as you would like during the wedding planning process - it would be nice to have a second opinion every now and then!




You may be finding it difficult to create an overall vision of how you would like your big day to look and feel like. On the other hand, you may have so much creativity bursting out of you that you find it impossible to make a decision!




You may have nearest and dearest that are a bit over enthusiastic with their opinions or expectations of you, it can be hard to say no to the ones you care about.





Being assertive, asking people for help or telling people exactly what it is you want can be difficult when you are not 100% sure what you need or want yourself.





Some brides dread walking down the aisle and break out in sweats at the thought of all eyes on them.





Checklists and trying to remember every tiny little detail of what must be done before and possibly on the day.




Trying to keep yourself and everyone else happy is not an easy task and people telling you to “Stop stressing out!” does NOT help!





Small hiccups or problems can feel like mountains to overcome when you are lacking support or confidence.




Getting married in general can be a time filled with so many emotions. Marriage is a big and important commitment and it is natural to be feeling mixed emotions!




The Solution?

We will take stock of where you are, what is going on for you and what you need/want. There might just be one thing you need support with but in the case where there are more than one, we will prioritise. We will discuss everything in detail, I will coach you and empower you to break down the problem, identify the need or want and then we will strategise how you can find solutions and have your needs/wants met.

What is involved in the Bridal Coaching process?

Bridal Coaching is a unique and individual experience for every person. The most important process for me is building a relationship and rapport with you so that I can anticipate what it is you will need and support you in having those needs fulfilled.

We will begin with your initial consultation, in this I want to find out all about you and where you are in the wedding planning process.

From there we will discuss your needs, wants and wishes. Your Bridal Coaching sessions will then centre around how we will have those catered for and fulfilled.

Like in any Coaching session, you are the expert of your own life, you are creative resourceful and whole.

My job is to put the power in your hands and guide you in digging deep, getting to the root of what those needs, wants and wishes of yours are and help you in putting a plan together to fulfil them.

No two Bridal Coaching sessions will ever be the same and you are guaranteed a professional and effective service for however long Bridal Coaching is needed.

What is next? Book in for your 90 minute Bridal Coaching Consultation where we will begin the Bridal Coaching Process


What Sarah cando for you...

From the very beginning...

Create a detailed vision to make your dream wedding a reality...

I always say "A vision is the seed from which the most exhilarating lives and the best experiences and versions of ourselves grow." Naturally, it is very important to have a vivid picture of how you would like your wedding day to be. I can be your sounding board, provide support and encouragement to you in creating that clear vision and also in the process of coming up with a distinct and detailed plan of how you are going to make that vision a reality.



As the process unfolds...

Coach and support you through every step of preparing for that amazing time of your life...

People tend to lose sight of the whole purpose of a wedding - to unite in commitment to one another and to celebrate the love and connection you both share with the people you value the most. There are so many aspects of preparing for your wedding and it is so important that your values and needs are looked after.

Not a bridezilla to be seen!

Smooth sailing... little stress

Let's be real, the ideal is to have every aspect of your wedding preparation to go off without a blemish but it may not always go down that way. Preparing for your wedding should be an extremely enjoyable experience and you deserve all the happy and content feelings that go with that process. Sometimes though, little things can get on top of us unless we have support at hand to keep us on track. Nerves are also a factor to be considered and are a very natural part of taking a significant step forward in your life. So no matter what little stresses, anxieties or wrestles with confidence you are having, I will be there to support you in whatever way you need.

Bridal Coaching for all...

Not just for the Bride...

Bridal Coaching can extend to the whole bridal party.
Groom - Making the wedding experience an EPIC one! Supporting your wife-to-be throughout wedding preparations.
Bridesmaids - Being the best Bridesmaid you can be. Support and sounding board for planning the best Hen Party the Bride could wish for!
Groomsmen - Being the best Groomsman you can be. Do your Groom justice by planning the Stag of a lifetime!
Mother of the Bride/Groom - Outfit search. Guest lists - keeping all happy and the value of compromise.
Father of the Bride/Groom - Duties on the Day. Lending a helping hand.
Speeches for ALL - Powerful Questions to unearth what it is you really want to say.

Moving forward in married life...

Extending the vision...

Bridal Coaching and the vision doesn't have to end at your wedding day or honeymoon. These are your first steps into married life and everybody has expectations of what marriage should be like but not everybody has a clear and positive vision of how they would like it to be. Preparing for a wedding gives most people a profound sense of purpose for a prolonged period of time and sometimes people feel an anti-climax after all is said and done. Having purpose and goals to slot into the place of the wedding preparation process is really important and I can support you in coming up with and achieving that purpose and those goals.