Sarah Cooney - Ireland's First Ever Bridal Coach

A note from Sarah...

Hello there, my name is Sarah Cooney and I am a Bridal Coach.
This is a very tough time for us all, with so much uncertainty and being a 2021 bride myself, I know first hand the anxiety and stress that COVID 19 is causing. Doubt has overshadowed my own wedding during this time and I have had fits of worry about will it go ahead next year. I am a bridesmaid for my first cousin, who is getting married 8 weeks before me. And I am Maid of Honour for my best friend, who was due to be married on the 29th of this month but had to postpone until October. If feels to me like we are in a constant limbo!
I want to tell you about Bridal Coaching Ireland and how I am offering strong support to Brides all over Ireland, like you, that have been forced to rethink, postpone and cancel their weddings.
I set up my second business -  Bridal Coaching Ireland a few years back in August 2017, when I had the brainwave to "Marry" my two great passions in life - the medium of Coaching with all things wedding related. I instantly did my research online and found that I was the first person in Ireland to think of this idea. All I could find at the time, was one other person in London who was doing something similar to what I was proposing.
Coaching gives me life, it truly is what I feel I have been destined to do. I trained as an Executive and Life Coach in 2016 and subsequently set up my coaching practice called Merry Me Centre. It was the best thing I have done in my life so far and every time I walk away from a coaching session with my clients, I say to myself "God I love my job!"
I also have, for as long as I can remember, a HUGE passion for weddings. From the age of 2, I developed an obsession with watching family wedding videos. Even now, watching other people's wedding videos on instagram, makes me well up! I love attending weddings and I love taking in all the intricate little details that a bride or wedding planner has put into the day. Wedding planning is such a creative art! Even though I have always had a passion and interest in weddings, I like to prepare myself with as much education as possible before I venture down any path, so I researched the best wedding planner courses that I could find. QQI levels didn't bother me to be honest, I wanted to be trained by an expert, which is why, when I came across Rosie Meleady and her Wedding Planner training, I instantly felt she was the lady for me!
Not long after I completed my Wedding Planner training with Rosie, life kind of got in the way and Bridal Coaching Ireland got shelved, up until a few weeks ago. I always kept the business open to anybody who wished to avail of the service, I just didn't have the opportunity to promote it, as much as I wanted to. COVID 19 rapidly changed that!
You might be thinking what is Bridal Coaching?
I set up Bridal Coaching Ireland to offer Brides not just nationwide but worldwide, a higher level of support during the wedding planning process than families, friends or wedding planners may be in a position to offer their Brides.
As your Bridal Coach, I can support you by helping you to:
  • Create a detailed Vision for your dream wedding
  • Be a sounding Board for all your ideas
  • Gain Clarity, Confidence and Assertiveness in decision making
  • Harness Motivation, Encouragement and Support in staying organised and on track
  • Utilise Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence support
  • Be empowered to find solutions to any issues that may arise
As the weeks went by after lockdown was announced, I started to realise and experience directly, the utter heart break that COVID 19 was causing and I knew deep down that I could do something to help which is why I have sprung into action.
So how can I support you?
I am offering an accessible and affordable, 3 month online support programme that will enable you to bounce back from this heart break with more confidence, clarity and motivation than ever. I am calling this online support programme - Bridal Self Care during COVID19.
What you will get:
  • 12 week Online Support Programme to see you through the toughest times of COVID19
  • Weekly online coaching lesson in video form that you can watch at time that suits you
  • Group coaching session on Zoom once a week to check in, implement tips and guidance
  • Self-Reflection exercises to do in your own time at your own pace
  • Membership to a private facebook group where there will be
  • a constant space to share, ask questions or seek advice with people who are in a very similar situation to you
  • regular lives with tips and questions answered
The price is €30 per week or get a further discount by investing €300 in one payment
Spaces are going to be limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis
Further details like start date to be announced very soon
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