Sarah Cooney - Ireland's First Ever Bridal Coach

A note from Sarah...

Hello there, my name is Sarah Cooney and I am a Bridal Coach.
This is a very tough time for us all, with so much uncertainty and having had to cancel my 2021 Italian wedding, I know first hand the anxiety and stress that COVID 19 is causing. Doubt overshadowed my own wedding during this time and I had constant fits of worry about whether it would go ahead next year. So in the end we took control of the situation and postponed it. We now have a Plan B wedding planned for October but it still feels to me like we are in a constant limbo!
I want to tell you about Bridal Coaching Ireland and how I am offering strong support to Brides all over Ireland, like you, that have been forced to rethink, postpone and cancel their weddings.
I set up my second business -  Bridal Coaching Ireland a few years back in August 2017, when I had the brainwave to "Marry" my two great passions in life - the medium of Coaching with all things wedding related. I instantly did my research online and found that I was the first person in Ireland to think of this idea. All I could find at the time, was one other person in London who was doing something similar to what I was proposing.
Coaching gives me life, it truly is what I feel I have been destined to do. I trained as an Executive and Life Coach in 2016 and subsequently set up my coaching practice called Merry Me Centre. It was the best thing I have done in my life so far and every time I walk away from a coaching session with my clients, I say to myself "God I love my job!"
I also have, for as long as I can remember, a HUGE passion for weddings. From the age of 2, I developed an obsession with watching family wedding videos. Even now, watching other people's wedding videos on instagram, makes me well up! I love attending weddings and I love taking in all the intricate little details that a bride or wedding planner has put into the day. Wedding planning is such a creative art! Even though I have always had a passion and interest in weddings, I like to prepare myself with as much education as possible before I venture down any path, so I researched the best wedding planner courses that I could find. QQI levels didn't bother me to be honest, I wanted to be trained by an expert, which is why, when I came across Rosie Meleady and her Wedding Planner training, I instantly felt she was the lady for me!
Not long after I completed my Wedding Planner training with Rosie, life kind of got in the way and Bridal Coaching Ireland got shelved, up until a few weeks ago. I always kept the business open to anybody who wished to avail of the service, I just didn't have the opportunity to promote it, as much as I wanted to. COVID 19 rapidly changed that!
You might be thinking what is Bridal Coaching?
I set up Bridal Coaching Ireland to offer Brides not just nationwide but worldwide, a higher level of support during the wedding planning process than families, friends or wedding planners may be in a position to offer their Brides.
As your Bridal Coach, I can support you by helping you to:
  • Create a detailed Vision for your dream wedding
  • Be a sounding Board for all your ideas
  • Gain Clarity, Confidence and Assertiveness in decision making
  • Be your accountability partner - Help you to harness Motivation, Encouragement and Support in staying organised and on track
  • Utilise Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence support
  • Be empowered to find solutions to any issues that may arise
As the weeks went by after lockdown was announced, I started to realise and experience directly, the utter heart break that COVID 19 was causing and I knew deep down that I could do something to help which is why I have sprung into action.
So how can I support you?
I am offering an accessible and affordable, 12 week course - an online support programme that will enable you to bounce back from this heart break with more confidence, clarity and motivation than ever. I am calling this online support programme - Bridal Self Care during COVID19.
What you will get:
  • 12 week Online Support Programme to see you through the toughest times of COVID19
  • Weekly online coaching lesson in video form that you can watch at time that suits you
  • Group coaching session on Zoom every second week, to check in, implement tips and guidance
  • Self-Reflection exercises to do in your own time at your own pace
  • Membership to a private facebook group where there will be:
  • a constant space to share, ask questions or seek advice with people who are in a very similar situation to you
  • regular lives with tips and questions answered
The price is €120 per month (for 3 months) or get a further discount by investing €300 in one payment
Spaces are going to be limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis
Course begins on the 22nd of June 2020
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