Sarah Cooney - Ireland's First Ever Bridal Coach

A note from Sarah...

Hello my name is Sarah and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Bridal Coaching Ireland. I am Ireland's first ever Bridal Coach and I am delighted to bring the medium of Coaching to the Irish Wedding Market!

Weddings are and have always been a huge passion of mine from a very early age. I think it's because I was a flower-girl at the age of two and not long after began my obsession with wedding videos. I would watch my uncle and aunts wedding video again and again. My family would always know the video was finished because they would hear me howling in devastation that it was all over 🙂

I love everything about weddings, especially attending them and I think it is one of the most special things we can do as human beings, to commit to sharing our lives with the one we love and celebrate that commitment with our nearest and dearest.

I have always known that I wanted to get married and I have spent years planning it in my head. Go back 10 years ago and I would have told you I wanted the big white wedding with the world and his neighbour at it. Nowadays I would prefer a more intimate wedding with my closest family and friends. And it depends on my mood on the day whether I would like to get married abroad or here at home!

I love weddings mainly because they are a celebration but  also because of the creativity and intricacy involved in the whole process.

If you were to ask me what do you think makes a wedding? I would have to say the entertainment, especially the band! The best weddings I have been to are the ones where I, along with every other guest have spent the whole night on the dance floor!

There are many other finer details that I also love sussing out at weddings such as the flowers, The Dress, the Bridesmaids dresses, the Mother of the Bride outfit, the table layout and finally the smallest little details that make me sit back and think - Thats Cool!

My other passion is Coaching which I have been doing for nearly 4 years now. Coaching has been an enlightening experience for me and after each and every session I finish up totally exhilarated and saying "God I love my job!!" So really it was a natural progression for me when I decided to unite two of my passions - Weddings and Coaching!

Values are a huge part of Coaching so I think it is important for any prospective Coaching Client of mine to get a strong sense of my values, even before we begin the Coaching Process.

I pride myself in my honesty and it is one of my core values.

Confidentiality is extremely important to me and is agreed upon in the first session and in each session after that.

I believe respect is extremely important in every aspect of life. Respect for ourselves and respect for others.

I strive to be open with everyone I meet and through that openness I build stronger connections with the people I engage with.

I have heavily relied upon integrity as a core value throughout my life and I believe without doing so, I would not be as happy and content as I am today.

I highly value optimism and even though I know at times it can be hard to be optimistic, I have many times in my life seen the value of keeping the bright side out! This also rings true in my ability to see the best in everyone and everything, it is better to look at the positives rather than negatives because “energy flows where attention goes”.

Some of my other values are empathy, acceptance, creativity, equality, loyalty, freedom, compassion, fairness, family, kindness, reliability, tolerance, friendship, love, forgiveness, trust, spirituality, non-judgement, support, security, learning and connection.

So I hope from this that you can get a sense of who I am and if you would like to work with me don't hesitate to book in for a free consultation!